On my last trip to Israel, I met a specially talented wedding dress designer and decided to interview her about her personal life and her gorgeous wedding dresses brand called โ€œMotil โ€“ Bespoke Bridalโ€œ.

And thatโ€™s her INSPIRING story (mixed with me on images, playing with her dresses) ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€œI am a mother, a businesswomen and a designer.
I was born with a talent in my hands; however, I studied law since I wanted to prove the world that Iโ€™m working with my mind and not only with my hands.

After a while, I understood that the only person I needed to prove something to is myself.

About 12 years ago, I fell in love with the world of fashion. My biggest love in the fashion world- was bridal dresses โ€“ I find them magical
So, I created my own brand MOTIL โ€“ BESPOKE BRIDAL.

Then, I realized that I am not only good โ€“ I am super talented and capable of things I did not even know before I started my magical bridal dresses line.

My brand allows me to use my endless imagination by creating fantastic dresses for amazing women worldwide. At the same time, it gives me the wonderful opportunity to meet and deliver these women strength and spiritual experience.

Bridal dresses are a phenomenal world of fairies and sparkling dust, endless creation and countless dreams.
I wake up every morning to this amazing world and I dream about it at night. A World full of endless possibilities were my mission is making confident, proud, glamorous brides.

Wearing Motil - Bespoke Bridal. Image by: Anat Kazula

Wearing Motil – Bespoke Bridal. Image by: Anat Kazula

My vision is to empower women, and I found a place where I can do it.
A place where I can professionally, in a courteous way, give with love lots of experience, confidence and power no matter what is your size. I give an experience of joy and precision, gentleness and abundance.
My dresses are sexy and often romantic with a bohemian touch. They are simple and sophisticated all together. very gentle, they full of feminine power and they are made with a wide smile.


My dresses will flatter everyone. On top of all, they are especially comfortable and light.
When you walk while wearing these dresses, it feels like magic is happening. It feels like you are walking on a cloud, a shiny cloud with sparkles and magic.
And when magic is here, it spreads around to everyone else.

Thatโ€™s what my dresses are all about. MAGIC.โ€

Wearing Motil - Bespoke Bridal. Image by: Anat Kazula

Wearing Motil – Bespoke Bridal. Image by: Anat Kazula

Wearing Motil - Bespoke Bridal. Image by: Anat Kazula

Wearing Motil – Bespoke Bridal.

Wearing Motil - Bespoke Bridal. Image by: Anat Kazula

Hi there, neighbor! ๐Ÿ™‚



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