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Dealing With Tragedy and Loss

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ecause losing someone you love is a very painful process.
But – there is a way to cope with such a tragedy. There is the right way and the wrong way.
The right way will bring you to acceptance and peace. The wrong way will bring you more grief and sorrow.
You might feel anger and disappointment.
You might try to deny the reality or sink into depression.
But don’t.
I learned that lesson on my skin.


Jeff Pulver And I

Digital Marketing Articles, Travel, Fashion and More!

Jeff Pulver is a super smart nd lovely person, who inspires me since I know him and has a huge carring heart that always looking for helping others.
For all his other passions and hobbies, and his playful approach to work, Jeff Pulver is deadly serious when it comes to the future of communications. He sees himself as an agent of change. Jeff says while he’d like to cash in on his ideas, he isn’t out to run a big corporation.


Video Editor From YouTube

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Video editor from YouTube is a new feature from YouTube, that allows you to create a single video from a few chosen videos from your YouTube channel.

You know, sometimes you feel like creating a video full of memories for someone’s birthday or any other celebration, or another example would be testimonials videos that you received, and would like to gather them all into a one single video, so people will be able to watch them all at once…